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Carrie Barone has many passions in life! She is an avid outdoorsman, animal lover and business woman. Many of you recognize Carrie’s name as a talented long arm quilter and digital pattern designer. Recently Carrie and her sidekick Finn, a precocious border collie, earned a Patrol Track certification with North Valley Search and Rescue. All of Carrie and Finn’s time and training with search and rescue is volunteer.
Several weeks ago Carrie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Due to the progression of her cancer she will first undergo chemotherapy to reduce the size of the tumors prior to surgery. Currently Carrie is undergoing treatments and procedures to protect and persevere her fertility prior to receiving chemotherapy treatments. Fertility Preservation is not currently considered medically necessary and therefore not covered by medical insurance. Fertility medications and procedures are very costly. These expenses will continue well after cancer treatments.
In addition to fertility preservation Carrie will incur many unexpected expenses as she fights for her life and her dreams of being a mother.

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