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  • Hello, my name is Sean, and I would like to share the situation that myself and girlfriend are currently facing. Unfortunately, she has been diagnosed with an aggressive stage 3 breast cancer that has metastasized to her lymph nodes. We initially sought medical attention at a hospital in Northern Ontario, but it took a period of nine weeks to receive all the test results and to be offered any treatment options. Despite our efforts, we were denied transfer to another hospital. To accurately determine extent of the cancer, a PET scan is required, which we were unable to obtain due to a shortage in Ontario. This led us to take matters into our own hands.
After conducting thorough research on various treatment options, and for a place that could take her immediately, we made the decision to go to a reputable treatment centre in Arizona with proven results. She was seen right away and she has been undergoing treatment for five months. Fortunately, the treatment showed positive results shortly after starting.
Undoubtedly, this entire journey has imposed a tremendous financial burden on us both Although she has now returned home, it is crucial for her to continue receiving treatment in Arizona every other week. However, the cost associated with flights, accommodation, meals and additional medical expenses have become overwhelming. Recently, she underwent a follow-up PET scan, which showed significant regression, and her doctors are very pleased with her response to treatment. Regrettably, continuing this treatment in Ontario is not an option.
Therefore, I kindly ask my friends on Facebook and Instagram to consider offering your support. This unexpected situation has caused immense financial, physical and emotional distress. Any assistance or contributions would be greatly appreciated.
I thank you in advance.

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