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My Mother is 90 years old. She has worked hard her whole life. From working as a teen to help her widowed mother, to  working part time at home businesses with my Father to help pay bills and get a house.  She has always been there to help family and friends her whole life. She was active in church teaching Sunday School and active as a tutor in local elementary schools. Now she needs help and I do not have the ability or the money to provide that help. It hurts me to say that as she has sacrificed so much for me and others. She was the caregiver to her mother when she was ill. Now I want to provide caregiver services for her.  She is recovering from a recent fall and needs a caregiver twenty four  hours a day seven days a week. Her mind is still agile, and she does not want to give up her home for a nursing facility. As we are still working we cannot be with her all the time. So we cannot be the physical caregivers for her. At home caregivers are expensive but necessary. I am trying to raise the money to provide for a year of caregiver service. She needs someone to start asap. So please give now if you are able. Thank you for your time. FYI the photo provided is not my mom. She did not want her picture on the internet. If you cannot give please share this so others who may be able to can see it.


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