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Hello, I’m Joseph I was recently into a really bad car accident. My car is completely totaled. There’s no other way of me to get back to work because I’m a single person. As I was coming from home on the 15 freeway, there was a lot of traffic . I was trying to go around the semi-truck that I was behind, so I sped up to get to the next lane then out of nowhere this older lady hits me from the side, I was struck so bad that the car slid under the semi-truck I was behind. The airbags of the car did not go on whatsoever. I tried to sue kia but I lost the case. Couple of days later, I was told I was at fault for the accident. I wasn’t able to get anything out of it. Now am stuck at home with no car, no money, and unable to work at all. I’ve basically lost everything. I lost my car, my case, and I basically lost everything. Any donations help. I need to get back on my feet to pay bills and be able to live in my house. I’m asking for at least $15,000. $10,000 for my down payment on a car. $5,000 for my bills. I’m really struggling right now. I haven’t been at work for 2 weeks already. So I decided to make a campaign for me to be able to get back on my feet and work again. Any donations help. Thank you.


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