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Nikoluas Heidler is a 25 year old loving father and husband and he was in an unfortunate car accident on 05/05/2024, he is my cousins husband and he has been an apart of our family for years and we are doing everything we can to support and care for him at this time, we are asking our friends and family for donations at this moment, he has multiple injuries to his legs, lungs, shoulder, and other areas and he will be hospitalized for a very long unknown period of time, he has already been through Mutiple surgeries and he has upcoming procedures in the near future.  nikoulas and his wife have two very young children together and are asking for any help contributing directly to his medical expenses, this has been very devasting for his wife, children and our family and we will appreciate any donations towards his health expenses and future recovery he will need a lot of assistance, therapies and support in his continued plan of care when he returns home , we are thankful that he is still with us, and we are praying for a full recovery so he can return home to his wife and children, this has been very hard on his wife as she has to travel hours daily between their home and the hospital and their car was a total loss so transportation has been very limited and stressful as she travels in between her husband and two small children, we are trying to pull together to support them in their time of need, we are thankful to our friends and family for reaching out and we are grateful any donations, support and prayers at this time.

 – the heilders and family.


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