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On 3-30-2022 my sister, Jessica, and her middle daughter Miya were in a 3 car t-bone accident. Miya lost feeling in both her legs as well as a concussion. Jessica suffered from a concussion and multiple bruises and scratches. All airbags deployed, causing the vehicle to be totaled. Jessica is a single mother of 3 girls. Miya almost lost her chance at life by almost losing both her legs during this incident as she was almost paralyzed. Miya is in the 7th grade and does track, volleyball, and cheerleading. Miya almost lost her dreams of being able to do any and all of these sports. Miya almost lost her 13th birthday as it is 4-3-22. Jessica and Miya could have lost their lives during this accident as her car flew up in the air and spun around almost flipping. Jessica had 2 other girls at home during this time, that they almost lost not just their mom but their sister as well.  The driver that t-boned them does not have a current license. Jessica is responsible for the total price of a rental vehicle, we are still unclear about medical bills. We are asking for help from anyone willing to help Jessica and Miya recover from this tragic accident. We are asking for help with the purchase of a new vehicle and medical bills that will be arising in the next couple of months. We ask that if you are unable to donate please share this and pray for fast healings and quick healthy recovery. We greatly appreciate any and all support.


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