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My little sister is in the fight for her life.  A non smoker, Mary has always been a good steward of her body. She’s very athletic and is always finding ways to improve her well being; so to be hit with the news that she now has stage 4 non small cell lung cancer is a blow beyond anything I can possibly describe. It has metastasized to her lymph nodes, bones, back, ribs, and brain. When Mary got the news, she was told that she was not a candidate for the “conventional” cancer treatment i.e. chemotherapy and may I add, not in a very pleasant manner. She has chosen a more non invasive method of treatment that is not covered “approved” by the FDA. It is called IPT (Insulin Perpetuated Therapy). They define it as a trojan horse…they inject the body with insulin that has 10% Chemo in it…since cancer “likes” sugar it goes after the insulin and devours the chemo. The hope is this treatment will kill the cancer cells. She is getting this treatment twice a week along with several other therapies. They seem pretty sure at the clinic that they can help my sister, but she is paying them over $7,000 a week for treatments.. These treatments could go on for more than a year…I am asking (begging) for help in raising money to help my sister fight this horrible disease. She is so weak now that she no longer can walk here dog, which was the highlight of her day.

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