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I’m June 2021 I was diagnosed with recital cancer during a routine inspection. It’s a 4cm by 11cm about 4 inches from my backside. These last few years have been a bit hectic to say the least.  I’ve survived 2 heart surgeries (stent and open heart/cabbage). It was my intention to drive big rig trucks while running a small business and attempting to stay above water due to the covid virus. I have a 19 year old daughter in college and to be honest I’ve exhausted almost all of my resources trying to keep up with my basic needs.  I’m not sure where to turn but I’m not too proud to ask because I’m trying not to be a burden to all those who have helped me.. I remain both thankful and humble all I can do is ask and hope I’m allowed to play it forward..

Any money received will be applied to rent and food only because the chemotherapy, radiation and surgery will keep me down till the beginning of next year!/


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