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  • Today I meet with the Pastor of my church.  Im looking forward to prayer time. Nothing compares to the peace it brings knowing that He keeps His Word, a promise keeper.  I’m struggling with keeping my cool. Then I remind myself, focus on today, the present moment instead of all things happening all at once.  Bless you all for your love & support ❤️ It helps more than you know.
  • Thank you for those that donated. My residence has given the extension and it expires today.  If you are able…please use Zelle, it’s free and completely private. My email is Irishbeautygjw@aol.com It is an immediate deposit. 

My car needed repairs 9/14/23 of $500, thank God I get a discount from Costco which brought it down to $422. The funds from here take a month to receive initially,  then direct deposit kicks in to receive quickly.  Today I’ll try my hand again at Uber. It’s a miss & hit, someday are better.

I have furniture available: new, barely used, & older.  Send me a message if interested.

Would anyone loan me me the rent money? I would pay you with my disability claim that is processing now.

Dear Family & Friends,

My Gynecologist Oncologist doctor says it’s urgent to have my hysterotomy surgery as soon as possible.  My biopsy shows phase 1 Uterine Cancer, to put it in laymen terms.  The hope is that it was detected early enough to avoid chemo & radiation.  We will know more after biopsies of the surrounding lymph nodes are taken at surgery and sent to the lab for analysis.  This was part of what I discovered on my self love/care journey.

During COVID-19 I set out on a journey of self-love & care after my last car accident that totaled my Mazda in May of 2018.  My piriformis muscles (they are under all the glute muscles & hard to heal) were badly injured along with torn leg muscles and damaged muscles in the knees, that left the doctors scratching their heads as to how I was able to climb stairs, let alone walking in this condition.  My goal was to heal and strengthen my muscles so that I may return to normal everyday actives in life, one of them being to work a full-time job for more than a few months at a time.

I was blessed when working with Agencies that presented great jobs.  They call me their “reconciling Queen” lol  The assignments ended last year and my unemployment ran out in June of this year.  I was able to keep up on my bills: Rent, water, sewer, trash, electric, gas, internet, phones, car payment, insurance for my car and rental for the apartment, gasoline, toiletries, and food, until now.

I need $2700 for rent.  The management, God bless them, gave me extra time to come up with my September rent which includes, late/legal fees, water, sewer, and trash.

I’ve been applying for jobs, calling agencies, interviewing via Skype and by phone to no avail.  I’ve worked a few hours here and there when physically able to do so.  I think my wheel chair size walker that I use daily detours any employment chances currently.  I’m getting stronger and hope to continue so I don’t have to depend on this walker to get around.  I believe that once the torn leg muscles heal, I’ll be walking with out the walker.

I go locally to physical therapy 3 days a week: aqua and neck therapies.  Twice a month I go to acupuncture therapy and pain management for steroid shots in my back.  I know the treatments are working for me, I still need more to heal though.

Part of this journey of self-love is to get the surgery I need and the down time to heal is 8-10 weeks.  I need help with rent, utilities, car payment, insurance, internet and cell phone payments.  I need help and support to get through this phase in my life.  I’ve exhausted my unemployment and county resources to help me plus there is barely any financial help out there right now.

Whatever you are able to give is appreciated with gratitude.  The deposit are made directly to my checking account, quick access to the funds.  When you make your donation, you will receive a receipt for your tax deduction donation for your 2023 taxes.

Zelle works too.  Send to Irishbeautygjw@aol.com 

Thank you for listening to my journey.  I appreciate and love you all.

Best regards,

Grace Wollard


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