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Hi! My name is John Turner. I’m a Veitnam Vet and have prostate cancer due to fire fighting foam. I have battled with The VA and have been denied twice now on my clame. I have found an alternate cure for cancer that I have just started and it is working fast because in just one week I am out of bed and can go all day without running out of energy. I found the last peace to this solution just in time as a doctor had told me it was time for me to choose my hospice care provider. I have a problem with a large mass blocking urine in my right kidney from being able to flow into my bladder. I need to get this removed quickly and without delay. It will be two months before I can have clinical proff that the cancer free regime is working. I like to help others and as soon as I have the  clinical proof on the regime I am using works, I will be publishing it and get the good news to others who want to beat cancer.  I have already started writting  down all that one will need to know to beat cancer. Also what and where to buy all you need. I have spent hundres of hours studing about how to beat cancer. It is truthfully one of the most easiest diseases there is to cure. But, big Pharma does not want you to know that. If you can help me you will see a big pay off because you will see thousands cured from cancer. I pray not, but could be one of your relitives or a close friend just might be one of those cured. Thanks and may The Living God bless you richly.


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