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Dear family & friends,

I’ve been wanting to express my gratitude and thank you all for your love & support for weeks now but I had no idea how these treatments would actually affect me!
I had such great expectations of what this healing journey would be like & being somewhat active my whole life I envisioned doing some fun things between treatments like-hikes, kayaking, swimming, meditating, reading good books, going to movies and maybe even a Pilates class…ha, well, I bet you can all imagine how those expectations turned out!! 

The reality is I didn’t do well the first half of being here with IPT chemo treatments 2x a week that left me feeling nauseous, achy, feverish, tired-in bed a lot, some blurry vision, headaches & missing my home and family!

A few days I think I actually felt what depression is like- which is unusual for me. But even in the middle of all that I was blessed with amazing people like all of you to send me a caring text, cute uplifting card in the mail or a phone call to help me laugh! 

I’ve been especially grateful to have my husband Mike by my side helping take me to appointments, cook for me, rub my feet & back when in pain & go on little walks around the block whenever I felt a bit better!! 

After 4 weeks of intense treatments & my first big blood draw they were able to see my cancer markers had gone down 2 points & I was able to lower my IPT chemo treatments to 1x a week- which was a huge relief to my body !!

At this point they have been able to find a system of weekly treatments my body can tolerate & ways to help alleviate some of the side effects. They had to remind me that “this is a marathon, Jeannette, not a sprint” & to have patience with the process that could take longer then I’d planned.
On good days I feel like I’m among the living again & have been able to enjoy finally getting out of the house…going to a park, attending the Temple with Mike, meeting new people at church & even took a day trip to Sedona last weekend, which was healing for my soul!
I really have a been blessed with so many miracles along this journey that my heart is full of gratitude!! Thank you all for your constant prayers & positive vibes, they truly have lifted me up!
Mike & I are learning together to focus on all the blessings & be positive- whatever the outcome is “Come what May & love it”.

I’ve had to turn this journey of healing over to my Father in Heaven & trust in his Devine plan!!
During some of the hard times, I literally said “Jesus take the wheel, I’m too tired now” & guess what… he’s a better driver then me!! 
All my love & appreciate for each of you! 


Our beautiful mother Jeannette has been silently and courageously battling Breast Cancer for the past 3 years. Unfortunately, we have recently learned the cancer has begun to spread and is now considered Stage 4 and life-threatening. Her treatment options have become limited, but through an incredible stream of miracles she has been lead to a private Cancer facility in Arizona. She is a perfect candidate to receive their highly qualified help, and we all feel very strongly that this path has lead her to this facility for a very important reason. The doctors are confident that if we can get her there, they can save her life.

Very few people are even aware of what our mom has dealt with over the past few years, because you will NEVER hear her complain. Apart from constant treatments paired with her own day to day determination to build up her immune system naturally, she is also the sole provider in her home and caretaker to our highly special needs baby brother. Her body has put up an incredible fight with the resources she could manage over the past few years, but it is now time to give everything she has over to God’s healing power along with this incredible cancer treatment facility she has been lead to, as soon as possible.

Jeannette, along with the support of her loving husband of 35 years Mike, are ready to take this leap of faith. They will be uprooting their lives for the next 3 months at least. Leaving their home to stay in a temporary space in Arizona, walking away from a 13 year career at Provo Rehab and Nursing, and leaving their Downs Syndrome son in the hands of other caretakers along with their other children and grandchildren.

We know that our sweet mom and Yia Yia is unbelievably strong. We have faith in our Father in Heaven’s healing power and know that He still has much for Jeannette to accomplish on this earth. As she begins this new journey, we as a family humbly ask for your support in any way it can be given. Financial donations to help ease this extremely high-cost burden of treatment would obviously be so appreciated. But we could also use prayers, words of encouragement, and sharing of Jeannette’s story to help get the word out. We love you all, and look forward to the day that we can put all of this behind us with our healthy mom, wife, sister, aunt and Yia Yia back!


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