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Hello, I am seeking some funds for my cancer treatment because I am going into the hospital for immunotherapy for up to three weeks.  Funds will also help my family who are sacrificing their time with me.  I hope to return to work someday.  I am a physician and ironically am now a patient with cancer.   This is a big change in my life, and I realize what it is like to be a cancer patient.  Hospitals need their bills paid so that they can continue offering treatment, including charity cases.  My hospital is Medical city in Dallas, Texas.   I used to do charity bicycle riding rallies for medical research including cancer.  I donated to the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society and the American Cancer Society in the past. I have great doctors and am grateful for all the advances in medical treatments.  A cure for cancers is needed. I have written a memoir about my cancer story which I hope will help others deal with their cancers and tell them how to seek clinical trials like I did to survive.   The more knowledge you have about your cancer, the better care you can seek. “Heal Yourself: From Healer to Healing” The picture sent is the cover to the memoir, depicting a patient seeing the vast Caduceus representing medicine.   I will be undergoing immunotherapy with CAR T which costs approximately $600,000.  And I give thanks to all the great nurses who have taken care of me all the times I have been in the hospital.   Sincerely, Nick Padron


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