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I am starting this campaign in order to request help with my ongoing out of pocket medical expenses related to my cancer. No one ever wants to hear the words you have cancer especially when those words are used with stage four with prognosis of the disease known to have a one year life expectancy. Well I am a determined 71 year old single mother and grandmother and sadly have been diagnosed with this Stage 4 adenocarcinoma. I say determined because I am very much determined to not be one of those statistics. However, Because of this cancer I have had to undergo several long and different types of surgery and therapy since being diagnosed. I am fighting for my life right now as hard as I possibly can. God is blessing me each day. Please,I need your support and financial help with this fight against this horrible disease. I am not able to work and basically confined to home as I cannot drive due to side effects of my treatments and I am dealing with a whole lot of emotional and financial stress. Please, can and will you help me? The costs of rent, food and utilities are hard enough for me based on my income much less the added expenses of treating my disease. As of right now my out of pocket bills total over $15,000 and my only income is my social security check. The costs of transportation to and from doctors and hospitals, medication, and chemotherapy infusions are very expensive. Every little bit helps and thank you all so much! It’s not just a financial burden but the cancer also has affected my mental health as well. If you can’t give please say you will  pray for me. Thank you for your support and your prayers!


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