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For 31 years, I have been preparing and providing a safe place and helping others in time of need. God told me to build a church healing center and I have. I mostly help children, mothers in domestic violence, and disabled veterans. I have an abused mother with six children and an abused man (yes, it happens ) here now. I provide food and shelter, counseling clothes and all their needs. I am just an older woman on my SS doing this myself. ( With God’s Help )  I have never asked for help from anyone other than God before and hesitate now. I need help right now with lawyer fees to keep this land as my friend, who owned the land I have lived on for 31 years and invested all my time and money into, died unexpectedly with no will. I had bought 17 acres myself at only 21 years old, but I had learned that they cheated me, and I only owned 7 acres. This was when my friend bought the 80 around mine to give me room for this mission God had sent me on. I feel it’s most important not to lose this land as we grow our own food and are independent of the system here. God has shown me what is coming with war and starvation. Many people can grow food and survive here. Please pray about it, and if you feel led, then help me to continue my life’s work. I live like an Amish Nun and am here to teach others survival skills. I am a giver, not a taker, and anything over the amount of lawyer fees will be used to continue to help others in need. Thank you, and God Bless.


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