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Campaign for Daniel

Campaign for Daniel.

In 2005, Daniel was in a horrible car accident and was in a medically induced coma for a month. That accident left him paralyzed without the use of his legs and limited use of his arms. In the intervening 11 years, Daniel has battled back to a more normal life than the one following the accident. Several years ago, Daniel went through a divorce leaving him without an assistant or a care giver. My name is Glen, I’m Daniel’s dad. I’m retired on Social Security and have taken Daniel into my home to provide him with a stable family environment and be a care giver. Right after moving him in I was still working and managed to purchase an electric scooter so Daniel could get out away from home and explore on his own. He LOVED the freedom.

We were forced to move and now live in an apartment in Las Vegas and Daniel was loving exploring the town. Recently his beloved scooter was stolen from in front of our apartment. We had nowhere else to keep it where he can get to it by himself. Since then I have been able to get a storage shed where it can be kept without the threat of the next thief.   I can’t afford another scooter on my limited income, family is also strapped for funds, and Daniel is heartbroken at being stuck inside the apartment. He loves fresh air and getting to visit with people. So I’m doing this campaign for Daniel to get my son back outside and living life. Please help Daniel. He may be 39 years old, but he’s my son and a precious gift.

I find myself needing to ask for help and that doesn’t come easily to me. We would be so very thankful for anything you could do.

Thank you in advance,



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