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In 1994, my vision relocated me to Camden, New Jersey to build a family community resource and entertainment center, that would be anchored by 60 new affordable housing units.  The former splendor of the Camden was just a memory, and it was globally known as the poorest and most violent city in the country.  It was a city of great devastation and hopelessness.  Businesses and many residents made their exodus out of Camden, leaving it without a sufficient economic base and critical infrastructure.   The vision was to let the City of Camden and its residents know that they were not truly forsaken.  Better days would come, and the splendor of the second City would be greater than the first.  Over the years, dedicated servants of local, state, and national governments, along with the residents who remained, labored, prayed, and maintained their resolve and love for the Camden, while others maintained great disdain for the City. The vision focuses on the meeting the needs of the residents and the City, by working from the ground up, and not from the top down.   We are purchasing land from the City of Camden to build a community that is not only buttressed with housing, but with one that will also provide services and amenities to enhance the quality of life for residents of the proposed community and to build strong community relationships in a safe and affirming environment. We invite you to share in bringing this vision to fruition by your financial support of this new project.


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