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Hi, my name is Kathy Fallon, and I am raising funds to help my brother with medical bills and other expenses related to his cancer. Update: December 6, 2022- We have been here in Houston at MD Anderson since December 1st; his surgery was supposed to be on December 5th, but my brother’s surgery has been rescheduled for Wednesday, December 21, 2022. So, this extra time now includes another three weeks in the hotel, and it is much more money to pay out because of this delay. So now more than ever, he needs help; it could defer some of these hotel costs. We are staying in a spotless and okay hotel within walking distance of the hospital and a safe place. Yes, we could have gone to a much cheaper hotel, but the environment is unsuitable for a cancer patient whose immune system is compromised. Ken has always been here for his family, with financial or just moral support. It is now time for him to need help. I can only do so much to help financially, and I know no other way to help. My brother was diagnosed with rare cancer in December 2020, and 1 in 1.5 million people get this cancer, Malignant Thymoma Stage 4; After four rounds of chemo, major 8hr robotic surgery at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas, 12 days in ICU for collapsed lungs and 25 rounds of proton radiation. He was in remission from May 2021 to June 2022. The cancer is back; he went through another four rounds of chemo and is undergoing major surgery again, which I have read is a brutal surgery. They are removing some of his pleural linings again and then removing lymph nodes in his chest, which is very near his heart. They are going to have to separate his lungs from his chest cavity. The medical bills not covered by insurance are in the thousands; travel back and forth from Arizona to Texas has strained him financially, and he is at the breaking point. I know times are tough for us, but every little bit helps. If 1,000 people each donate just $5.00, it will help pay this hotel bill and some of his other bills. Any donations would be greatly appreciated if you could see it in your heart and pocketbook to help out my brother. I would be eternally grateful.


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