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Imagine waking up with the flu, a fever, body aches and just feeling horribly, after a few day ending up in the hospital being diagnosed with endocarditis, inflammation of my heart and vegetation on my aortic and mitral valves. A CT also revealing I had a mini stroke from this heart infection too. After a week in the hospital, and 6 weeks of outpatient antibiotics I thought my life would return back to normal. I went back to work and my life as before but I was never quite right. I was extremely exhausted all the time. Then I became short of breath. At the insistence of my nurse practitioner I went to see a cardiologist. An echo revealed that my aortic and mitral valves have been severely damaged by the infection and were no longer feeding blood to my heart and lungs correctly causing the shortness of breath and tiredness. It was also discovered that I had a huge  almost 5 c/m ascending aortic anuerysm apparently the worst one you can have!  I was sent home and was told they would “wait and see”. Well my symptoms continued to worsen and I started to have chest discomfort. I decided to get a second opinion. He was much more worried about my condition and immediately order an angio cath test which should triple vessel disease on top of everything else. I need a bypass surgery. I am awaiting a referral to Cleveland Clinic and will be going there to have my surgery. I am asking for some help because I am the main bread winner and will need help with medical expenses, lodging, travel, and loss of wages. I am a Christian and I have an army of people praying for me so if you can’t afford to help me with a few dollars, please send your prayers and good wishes. I am eternally grateful for whatever you can help me with through this means.


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