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On Thursday January 5th 2017 while I was at work mine and my daughters service dogs got out of the house and both of them were hit by a car. My property manager contacted me to tell me what happened. My daughter rushed them to the hospital. My daughters service dog was more lucky than mine was. His back legs, tail and hips are swollen and has some road rash. May have a hairline fracture but we are unable to tell for sure until the swelling goes down. He was able to come home with us last night. As for my dog, we are praying she does not have internal bleeding. Right now she has broken ribs, bruising on her lungs and labored breathing. She has made it through the night, praying she gets better. This past 6 months has been very difficult and traumatic for my family. On June 30th and September 5th someone stole the tires and rims off of my vehicle. In between that time on July 27th my apartment burned down.  Between the damage done to my vehicle and rebuilding and relocating to a new place has financially wiped us out. If you are able to help my daughter and I with getting our service dogs back and healthy we would be forever grateful and appreciative.  If you are only able to say a prayer that is appreciated as well. Thank you ❤  Any donation made can be used as a tax deduction.


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