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Brian Cobb is my husband for over 20 years, he has had health issues since early in our marriage. Diabetes and complications from diabetes. Brian has kidney failure for the last 6 years. He has been on Peritoneal dialysis and hemo dialysis now. Many surgeries, infections and yes even cancer (which he has beaten). After his first 2 years on peri dialysis, we were able to get him on the transplant list in Illinois, then they found cancer and he was off the list. Here we are 4 years later, cancer-free and healthy enough for a transplant, and in a new location, Muncie, IN. Brian has worked hard to keep healthy, he has never missed dialysis, always takes his medications, eats healthy, keeps fit and stays busy when he can. He has not been able to work in over 10 years. Not eligible for SS either, though we are trying again for the 11th time to get some kind of help from SS. He is on Medicare currently. Brian and I have an adult son (18 now), Xavier who has autism and needs care for the rest of his life. Neither Xavier nor I are insured, it’s a work in progress. I work from home the best I can to support our current needs. We live paycheck to paycheck. I take pride in being able to support myself, it’s been a long road for sure. We were even homeless for a few months in winter 2020. Grateful for our warm home and what we have daily. Medicare dont cover all costs. We do not qualify for transportation help; we are 10 miles short of the required distance. There are parking costs, gas, easy food for the guys while I am gone with Brian in Indy for transplant, food and lodging for myself while down in Indy, also I work from home and won’t be able to be here to work fulltime for about two weeks, maybe longer. No emergency money just in case my car doesn’t start (we have one car and no family or friends here in Muncie, though I am still asking people locally for drivers to take him to Indy if needed) The cost to us so far without Medicaid or a secondary insurance is around $25,000, plus cost to be off work for at least two weeks, gas food, and bills. Our transplant team/coordinators are stressing that we need help financially. As well as other support. About me, Brians wife Jamie Anderson I am an artist; I paint as well as run a small business from home so I can care for my son and husband. My work is handmade jewelry components such as clasps and other various findings. I have enjoyed that over the years; however, we always struggle financially. Work is hard outside the home due to my health as well as the guys. It’s hard and people just don’t understand. I love working for what we need but I am not able to provide like I need to. I need help. Brian is currently on the Kidney transplant list here in Indiana and will be getting his transplant at university of Indian and Indianapolis.  Please pray, send positive vibes, healing energy. <3

Our son Xavier and granddaughter


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