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Our daughter Brandi was diagnosed a little over a year ago with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy.  Last spring testing showed that her cancer had spread over her body and she started chemo again.  Her particular cancer proved to be chemo resistant and the tumors continued to grow.  She went to MD Anderson for treatment which shrank one of the brain tumors but the second one was not affected by the treatments.  Of all the tumors in her little body it seems like the brain tumors have affected her the most.  Her speech, walking and processing everyday things have been greatly affected.  Brandi is a single parent to our two grandchildren Beckham and Natalia who are 9 and 6.  With all this said Brandi hasn’t been able to work for several months and is struggling not only to support her family but to pay for the medicine and medical cost to fight this horrible cancer.  She is a great mom and puts her kids needs ahead of her own needs.  She has had to deny some of the treatments recommended by her doctors and has not been able to travel to Texas to MD Anderson.  Brandi is a very strong woman and will not ask for help, that’s why I decided to create this go fund me, she needs help.  Cancer alone is overwhelming and when adding being the sole support of two young children, it’s more than most others would be able to handle.  I’m asking for help for her, big or small every penny will be greatly appreciated.  It will not only help with medical cost but it will make life for two young children much easier.  They love their Mom and do not understand all this.  Thank you in advance for your support for our baby girl.


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