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My husband is getting a shunt from his brain to his stomach (& the tube will have to go under the skin) to circulate his spinal fluid, releaving pressure on his brain & preserving his eye sight (which has had some permanent damage done to it already because of the pressure that’s building up from the spinal fluid which is collecting from a brain tumor he’s had since about 2014.)  His surgery will be around Jan. 3rd or 4th, 2017 (depending on when the surgeons can do it.  It will be done in Saint George, Utah).  Your donations will go toward rent & food.  (There was a broken car belt & part in 1 of his cars that had to be paid for earlier this month causing the need for this plea for help now.  Of course we’re hoping for the best.  Doctors thought he had 2 years to live since the discovery of his brain tumor.  He knows he’s here for a reason.  Thank you SO much for your donations:  any amount is EXTREMELY generous of you :’)

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