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I find myself in an new space today, reaching out in a way I never imagined I would; Asking for help has never been easy for me—(it’s the Leo in me! 🙂 )

I’ve always been one to handle things on my own. But sometimes life challenges us in ways we never expect, and now I find myself weighed down by financial burdens that seem too hard to get from under unless I make an immediate change. I’ve reached a point where I must explore every possible avenue.

That’s why I’m here, humbly asking for your support.

As a recently licensed independent claims adjuster, I’ve discovered opportunities along the coastal states, opportunities in numbers that simply aren’t available here in Maryland, so I’m asking for your help in relocating to Dallas Texas. Moving to Dallas, isn’t as much just about a career change—it’s about pursuing a dream, a dream of making a significant financial impact in my life and securing a brighter future.

Throughout my career in service industry related jobs, I’ve always gained fulfillment in helping others. Now, I’m ready to continue that journey in a new capacity—assisting those who have lost so much, whether it’s their homes, vehicles, or even loved ones. Starting fresh in Dallas is a leap of faith, a decision rooted in deep soul-searching and a desire to make a meaningful difference.

To make this move possible, I need your help to cover initial expenses like housing and food for the first month. Every contribution, no matter how small, will go directly towards launching my new career and establishing a stable life in Texas. Your support isn’t just financial; it’s a vote of confidence in my dreams and aspirations.

This journey isn’t just about geographical relocation; it’s about crafting a fulfilling life in a place I’ve yearned to call home for so long. Your generosity would mean the world to me, and I can’t wait to share every triumph and milestone with you through regular updates on YouTube.

Additionally, if you have any leads on housing or job opportunities in Dallas or nearby areas, I would deeply appreciate your guidance. Any extra funds raised will go towards securing reliable transportation, as I currently don’t have a vehicle and am unfamiliar with local public transportation options.

Thank you again, from the depths of my heart, for even considering my cause and for potentially becoming a part of this incredible journey with me.

Love you to life for your heart!



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