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I’m not sure what to say.  I feel blessed all the time no matter what challenges in facing and cancer is no different.  I have 3 beautiful kids and every minute I get to have with them is a blessing.   I’ve never asked for help before, but I guess you have to do what’s necessary Based on your circumstances. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and shortly after I was diagnosed with lymphoma from what I understand it’s pretty serious I try not to get a lot of the details I leave that in the hands of medical providers, I just find the details get me down and that’s not where I need my mind to be right now. I’m soon to be evicted from my home which is a trailer house that I rented I just can’t keep up with the bills anymore. I don’t wanna paint a big sad story because I’ve had a wonderful life, I don’t wanna paint a big sad story because I’ve had a wonderful life. I’m just hoping to get whatever help I’m lucky enough to get shamika’s meat and make this process a little easier for my kids. If it was just me I had to worry about it would be one thing but I have 3 kids and I love more than life itself. I have no one else to turn to so here I am. If you happen to look at this I appreciate your time and God-bless you.


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