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I am a 49 year old male who is married with a 2 year old.  6 months after my child was born I had a massive heart attack that left me unemployed and homeless leaving us relying on friends and family.
A week after quadruple bypass I was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  Due to my heart issues I could not have the procedure to have the tumors removed.  By the time my heart was healthy enough for the procedure the cancer has spread into the lymph nodes of the bladder requiring the bladder and prostate to be removed.  However my heart will not handle the 8 hour surgery required and will have to undergo many procedures to hopefully slow down the spreading of the cancer until my heart is healthy enough for surgery.  My wife had to stop working just to take care of me and our child.

We are not worldly people who go out.  We live with just the bare minimum as we know we do not need luxury.  I am very hesitant to ask for help as I have always provided for my family and it is very humbling to no longer be able to do so.

We are currently dealing with social security for income but it has been over a year.  We are staying with my mom who is also disabled and living on SSI which has been a financial struggle.  We moved to North Carolina to stay with my wife’s brother and it was to much for both families with no extra income so we were asked to leave which is a whole new topic as I had just had quadruple bypass and was still in the healing process.  We moved back to NY and after losing our insurance and doctors in North Carolina we had to re-establish back in NY which during that time the cancer had spread drastically to where the bladder needs removed as it is a high grade cancer.

Thank you to anyone who even reads my story.


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