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Hello, My name is Jamie, 27 and I am Married with 3 small children, ages 6, 5,& 1… We have been impacted Hard by the disasters of Hurrricane Harvey 🙁
So here’s the situation. My husband usually has a job, but is currently out of work because we were in a shelter and his job is in Houston around the flood waters, we also have no money for Gas etc. So he cannot make it to work. On top of that, our only vehicle has been running hot so even if we had gas, he still couldn’t make it to work. We came back from the shelter yesterday to check on our home with our 3 small children. Well to make a long story short. Our carpet is Molded, the house smells strongly with mold and some of our walls etc have gotten water damage and also has tremendous black mold. We won’t be able to get help from FEMA because all we have is a Bill Of Sale on our mobile home. So we had a local/volunteer/city worker come out to help get the carpet out etc. When he came he came inside and looked at our home. And in his opinion, deemed it unlivable and unsafe and that we needed to get out and our kids. But we have Zero money to do so. He also told us that we could get a crew to help tear it down but its not worth even fixing because its just in that bad of shape. Nor do we have the money to fix it if they were to come tear it down. He said it would just be cheaper and more sanitary/safe to just find another home or build a small home deemed livable. So here I am asking for any kind of help to get me and my kids into a safer home as it is just too dangerous to remain in our home especially with our small children. I am the parent and it is my responsibility to make sure my kids are safe. Any donation will help. We have no money and to be honest I am a little worried about our situation. Please Help? I’m not the one to usually ask for help, but I have to get my kids out of here before I have a tragedy. Thank you to everyone that is able. Blessings to you all. And I will also be paying it forward as soon as I am able! God Bless!

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