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First off, my dad, TC McIntire, has no knowledge that this is being done so please help us keep it quiet!  Please, do not post the link to this campaign on Facebook as only select friends and family are being sent this information!

That said, he has been nominated to be in the Church of God, Prophet Hall of Fame located at the Church of God Headquarters, in Cleveland Tennessee.  Also, there will be a scholarship fund in the amount of $25,000 set up in his name to be given to a minister attending Lee University. Our family,(TC’s children, in-laws, grandchildren and great grandchildren) are assisting in raising money for the scholarship fund.

Randy and I know that my dad has touched many lives throughout his ministry and would like to ask, without any pressure or expectations,  if you would be interested in giving towards this scholarship fund? If possible, we are asking for a donation of $25 – $200 (more if you wish) , but ANY amount will be appreciated! Simply click on this link, https://biy.ly/tc_mcintire and fill in the requested information. This is a tax deductible donation and and you will receive a receipt via email.

It’s a great opportunity to “pay if forward” so another minister can impact hundreds if not thousands of lives just as TC McIntire has done throughout his ministry. What an amazing way to honor a tremendous man of God, Bishop TC McIntire!

Thank you so much for your time and consideration! Rest assured we love and appreciate each of you from the bottom of our hearts! Debi and Randy Kizer


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