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As a close friend or family member of Bill and Vinita Park you may want to be a part of  this labor of love to  raise money to help in a financial and health crisis.  All of you are probably aware that Bill has Parkinson’s and has gradually been declining in his health over the last several years. Vinita has been an amazing care giver and tried her best to help Bill remain at home. But in the last few months Bill has increasing become unstable and has fallen frequently.  This situation has become more than Vinita can handle and has caused her health to be challenged.  This is a common story for many families, maybe even your family has experienced this.  You know how difficult it is for these types of changes under the best circumstances. But like many others, we  find ourselves in need of help.
On June 21st we moved dad to a care facility in Edmond near Vinita, and Sherri’s family.  The cost of living in a memory care place is very expensive as you probably know, and the small retirement money will run out quickly and we will need to apply for government assistance(Medicaid). I am trying to raise money to pay for the private pay costs while we figure out the long term situation.  After talking to several facilities, this process could take 3-6 months.  So I am putting out a request to all our friends and family to consider donating to help offset the private pay expenses during this transition time. All the money raised will go directly to funding facility costs,  which is $6000 a month until we are approved for Medicaid.  

I chose this platform so your gift could be tax deductible and an easy way to track.

I know you love Bill and Vinita. They have faithfully served the Lord and the church for many years.  In fact this last August they celebrated their 60 year marriage anniversary.  We weren’t able to have a big celebration for them, but perhaps you would like to send them a contribution gift at this time and be a part of the Bill and Vinita Park Care team.
Even if you can not contribute, cards and prayers are always welcome!

Bill is at Brookdale senior living, 1500 N. Santa Fe, Edmond OK.  73003.  Rm 107 He would love to have visitors anytime.
Vinita is still living at 25 Creekview dr #2002 Edmond, Ok 73003.

For any questions or concerns feel free to contact me during the next month or so while Vinita is recovering from exhaustion.

Thank you so much for being a special part of Bill and Vinita’s life. All of you mean the world to them and us!

There is nothing more special than being a part of the family of God!!

Sherri Allsbury 


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