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First of all I want to say thank you for all the prayers, support, kind messages they definitely have not went unnoticed and will continue to need them throughout this difficult journey. I have been dealing alot with my right hand and arm since August. September 20th I went in for Right Carpal Tunnel Release, Guyon’s Canel Exploration and Release, Right Cubital Tunnel Release. As time passed with therapy, lots of pain, symptoms getting worse i got a second opinion on October 26th. Both surgeons decided it was best for me to be sent to Mayo as it was out of their expertise. I saw my original surgeon as well as my primary on November 3rd both stating its best to start the disability process which has been denied . Due to the severity of my condition of curling fingers (no mobility or strength), pain, I went through surgery which didn’t work. After seeing 2 specialists who were very concerned contacted Mayo to have conference calls to prepare for my arrival. I go to Mayo for 4 days with lots of testing, numerous appointments that came with devastating news of a diagnosis of ALS also known as lou Gehrigs Disease with no cure and 3/4 years to live. I pray with technology these days and treatments I will beat the odds of a death sentence but in the meantime and days to come please keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers🙏🏻 I will be LIVING with ALS, not DYING with ALS


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