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Bethany is a giver and now needs your support, she’d never ask.
She was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and is currently dealing with side effects of treatments. She’s a private person and usually the giver but needs our giving hands this time. She owns her home that is in need of repairs. Her youngest is a senior in high school and lives at home. Her treatments are not all covered by her insurance. Bethany is not able to work as a massage therapist and could use financial support and prayers. Thank you for your consideration and sharing the link to this campaign.

Here’s a statement she posted on her go fund me page:

“Early Spring of 2019 I was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic breast cancer. In shock myself, I minimized this reality for many months and told few people the extent of the diagnosis, while beginning treatment. The first PET scan revealed lesions on multiple vertebrae in my mid back. It has been a trial of faith for sure. After months of discomfort and needing to minimize my work load, my business fell behind financially and I felt the need to reach out to others for help. I sincerely wish to thank everyone who is able to help our family during this trial.  I received an outpouring of support last fall and am so very grateful for that!!! The day before starting palliative radiation on my spine, I experienced a miracle. I literally woke up for the first time in months, pain free. I postponed radiation in case it was just a fluke but G-d is good and the pain in my back and right acetabulum has not returned!! The first bone scan in Sept revealed lesions on my skull, the side of my knee, my right hip and mid back. I am taking both chinese herbs (under the care of an OrientalMD) and anti-hormone therapy through my Oncologist. I continue to work because it brings me peace and it is healing for me. I also have a household to support. Over the next few months I need to continue with a reduced work schedule as needed while I am going through therapies. I am so grateful for the many prayers and to the Virginia Thurston Healing Gardens where I and many others receive support and complementary cancer care while undergoing treatment.  It has been a HUGE blessing!! THANK YOU again for your gift of support and for sharing this page! Many Blessings to you all! With Love, Bethany”


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