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Taxation and inflation have raised monthly expenses such as food, transportation, and routine maintenance have used up over 35% of resources.

Add to that, changing the date of Social Security payments from mid-month to end of month have caused payments to be late, running up late fees, and the announcement of the 37% real estate tax increase has wiped out the monthly budget.

We have had several catastrophic events. Ground hogs digging under a deck and have compromised the incoming water line requiring digging up the line and replacing it. Estimated costs for this repair are $20,000.00 and up, which has raised the monthly water bill from $25.oo to almost $200.00.

The brick on the west side off the house is leaking water when the rains come and are driven by high winds. The drainage flashing have failed, allowing water to pour into the basement causing damage to the wall, carpet and furnishings. The fix is to remove the brick, install new flashing and re-brick. The cost estimate is $25000.00. Tuck=pointing the brick would not be viable since it would not repair the real problem, which is the flashing failure.

We are on the brink of bankruptcy and losing everything we have worked for all these years. And still having to work at 75 years of age, while spiraling downward. It is likely that the problems would have to be corrected to sell the property, making it impossible¬† to sell without risking enough revenue to break even financially. Over the past 50 years, we have always been able to overcome hardships as they arose, but this one doesn’t have any options.


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