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Max is a 7 month old Golden Doodle who needs Specialized Intensive Epileptic Alert & Response Service Dog Training.  
Having this service dog would allow my 21 year old daughter Rebecca to have some type of safety and independence.  She suffers from Refractory Epileptic Seizures with both Focal & Generalized type seizures that can happen without warning.  Imagine being a young adult needing to have someone with you  24-7…no baths for fear of drowning, no driving, avoiding ALL types of flickering light , not being able to finish public high school with your peers, or not being able to attend college.  What is day to day for most people is a life or death struggle for Rebecca.  
We are asking for help to send Max to Service Dog School at Comprehensive Pet Training,inc( www.cpt-training.com) in Atlanta.  This intensive training will cost upwards of $25,000. This includes his Epilepsy response and support training, boarding, food, vet care, socialization, and graduation.  No donation is too small and ALL donations are tax deductible. Givetaxfree.org  also donates their portion to  charities with disabilities…so it’s a double donation. We will appreciate any help in getting Max to school while he’s considered “young”. Please share, like, and forward this campaign around.  With love and hope, Rebecca’s Family.  
Update: Max has an appointment with the head trainer at CPT on Jun 5 for his initial assessment. Thanks to everyone for helping us get this far.
Update Jun 30: Max has started taking lessons along with Rebecca who also has much to learn. The trainer recommends letting him mature before board training and using private lessons to work on discipline and commands until then to make the whole process more cost effective. CPT estimated up to 4 months of board training to smell a seizure and react properly. The whole process is very interesting and time consuming.  Becca trains Max as much as she can and the rest of us have all become honorary dog trainers at the house. I’ll try to post pictures next update. Until then “Max….sit…wait….target” are everyday household terms around here.
Sept Update: Max continues to learn as he matures. He quietly sits under restaurant tables while food is passed over and is performing some leash free walking now. You can see Max’s bond and loyalty with Rebecca as he paces and barks every time she leaves him behind. The barking may not actually be appropriate behavior but it is  nice to see he cares.

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