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The rough seas are baring down and I’m treading water; these are uncharted waters for my family. Cancer has taken a hold and we need help the struggle has got real and I feel like I’m sinking because I can’t provide for my family. I feel like I have failed.  My job doesn’t pay for leave and another six weeks of treatment. We have used all of our savings with nothing left over. We need your help. I’m the person who doesn’t ask for help. I thought I could do it on my own, but I can’t. I have had to turn to selling my belongings for food. The meds are outrageous. We pick meds over food. Rent is due and so are lights I’m lost in this vast world of unknowns. We go to treatments five days a week, it has taken its toll on the mind and body. I don’t know what else to do but ask for help and that hurts my pride. It’s bad when you go to your kitchen, and it’s bare. We have exhausted all of our resources. I have nowhere else to turn. Please help me. The anxiety and depression are bad due to the situation. I pray it gets better soon. For sanity’s sake, what do I do? God will work it out he always does.


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