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Hello, my name is Radonna Daniels. As much as I hate asking for help, I am at a point I have to swallow my pride and reach out. It all started In March 2019 when I was hospitalized for congestive heart failure with two blood clots in my lungs due to a virus. I wore a portable defibrillator for eight months and worked really hard to overcome this without having heart surgery. Meanwhile my 2013 Mini Cooper Countryman broke down and had to put it in the shop for repair. 

I had my cardiologist convinced into weaning me off my heart medication this summer because I was doing so well. Unfortunately, a series of events would end up turning my life upside down. The mechanic shop that had my vehicle, a mechanic employed there destroyed my vehicle by cutting up the wiring harness, and misplacing parts and bolts. The shop owner admitted to me on messenger and stated he would fix my vehicle especially since I had paid him $1,000.00 cash and supplied the parts for the initial repair. That never happened. In September of 2022, the shop owner contacted me and told me he was going out of business and my car still had not been fixed.

Just when I didn’t think things could get any worse, my life as I once knew it ended up changing and would never be the same.  When I picked up my vehicle not only was the damage the mechanic done to my vehicle never repaired, my vehicle now had a huge dent in the back lift gate, all four doors had deep scratches, and was missing so many parts including the front passenger side wiper blade arm. I was furious to say the least. The shop owner would not refund my money because I wouldn’t sign a form releasing him of liability. So I hired an attorney. Spending almost all of my saving just to find out the shop and shop owner had a ton of judgments on him already and I would never see a dime of my money. To make matters worse my full coverage insurance denied paying the total loss claim on my vehicle reason stating the exact date of damage could not be determined. This was crazy to me because I had downloaded a picture off of FaceBook of the where the shop owner and his employees had posed in front of my vehicle and it clearly showed no damage as well as pictures I took the day it was loaded up on a tow truck and taken to the shop. 

In October I found a lump in my left breast and immediately called my doctor. On November 23, 2022 (the day before Thanksgiving) I got the call, yes it was cancer and my diagnosis was Triple Negative Invasive Ductile Carcinoma grade 3. I started getting things lined up to get treatment underway and the next week I found out my dad was going on hospice. With only seven payments left on my Mini Cooper, that was inoperable, I made the decision to allow it to go back to the financial lender. I hated doing this but I was already taking a $20,000.00 loss on it and I could no longer fight over my car and for my life too. Something had to give. Unfortunately the car I purchased with cash to travel to and from work and now to my medical/treatment appointments needs at least $5000.00 in repairs in order for it to be and remain dependable. 

On January 23, 2023 I had my first chemo treatment; around 1:00 am I received the call that my dad had passed away. This journey has been so difficult for me, my dad was always my cheerleader and I had no idea how I would do this without him. With a heavy heart I am reaching out to anyone that can find it in their hearts, especially during this time with the high inflation, to help anyway they can. Cancer is extremely expensive and with all the copayments, medications, and my portion of the surgery is going to cost me $10,000.00, and after surgery I will have to go through radiation treatment. And a side effect of the chemo has my teeth turning brittle. I have already lost four fillings that will need to get fixed. Especially before they start hurting or worse yet abscess. Depending on just how bad they get I might have to looking dentures. All that said I have no other option but to reach out for help. I do work for an amazing company that has been awesome and allows me to work from home while going through treatment. The overall support from my boss and coworkers is more than I could have ever dreamed for. I am so thankful and blessed for their support, and the support of family and friends. I have no idea how I would have been able to make it thus far and I am eternally grateful that all of them are a part of my life. I am blessed in so many ways.

I appreciate any help with the cost of my surgery and radiation treatments, prescriptions, repairs needed on my car, medical copayments, dental work and food. It is unbelievable how expensive it is to try and eat healthy and purchase good vitamins these days; much less remove all harmful products we use every day in our homes and replace them with less toxic options. Raising this money, will allow me to get through my treatments without the worry of going further into financial debt and ensure I have dependable transportation. With your help I will be able to beat this and dramatically reduce my stress level so that I can focus on healing.

Thank you for taking the time to read about this chapter of my life story and thank you in advance for any donation you are willing and able to give. My main motivation is to get better so that I can be a part of my baby grandson’s life as he grows up.


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