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Imagine that you’re a 35 old mother and nurse, with a new born and a 5 and 7 year old; it’s the holiday season and the worst possible thing happens. You wake up to breastfed your newborn and realize that you’re paralyzed. You go to the hospital and they send you on a 6 hour transport, possibly worsening the condition.

By the look on the doctor’s face, you know the news isn’t good. They said that you have suffered from a vertebral artery dissection that caused 2 brain stem strokes that affected both sides of your body and you’re not able to feel anything from your earlobes to your toes. You are now a “walking quadriplegic.” You’re not able to walk without the assistance of a walker or cane.

Your brain is jumbled and you don’t know what is happening for TWO years. But you’re strong and resilient and continue to raise 3 children in a remote town and continue to live life, a completely different life. One where you are relearning to talk and move your body. You are now dependent on others, numb and unsure of the future.

Now imagine, there is an experimental device that would allow you to walk again. You are selected to try the device and it WORKS! Within hours, you’re able to walk without the support of a walker or cane. The cost is $10,000 to be able to walk again… but really it’s priceless.

Well, unfortunately, this is a non-fiction story, the stroke happenedĀ  to a dear friend of mine 6 years ago and she not only deserves the best in life, but she deserves to be able to walk again. I realize that life is crazy expensive, but no amount is too small. Your donation would mean the world to my friend and her 3 children. * Did I mention this particular site gives tax write offs?:)

“After all this time I have a change to get just a little more freedom back.” – Allison


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