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The Pom and the Hound Animal Refuge (PHAR) was created to rescue and rehabilitate as many animals as possible in honor of a beloved recused Pomeranian and a formerly abandoned Hound dog. Because of these two boys, the founders have created a mission to rescue and adopt out abandoned and neglected dogs, cats, birds, and livestock. In the event that those beautiful souls cannot be adopted out, The Pom and the Hound Animal Refuge intends to give them the space love, and care they deserve to live out the rest of their days in peace. After successfully re-homing several dogs and multiple cats, the organization was able to purchase 5 peaceful acres on which to build a true refuge. A safe harbor for animals sent to slaughter or otherwise left to their fate without being cared for. This year we were able to welcome 4 birds that were intended to be eaten as a Thanksgiving meal! Now we need help to expand our reach and save even more creatures. Primarily, a barn must be built to shelter the ever-growing PHAR family, fences must be put in place, and auction prices must be covered to pull animals from the butcher’s block. This is in addition to food, vet care, and any other needs these furred and feathered friends will need during their stay with PHAR


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