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A Family Just Like Yours 

Joe and Chantha Baker are caring, loyal, and service-minded people. They are longstanding residents of Holland, Michigan. Joe and Chantha have five children. The two younger children, CJ (12) and Abigail (10), live at home. The Bakers are members of the Family Church in Southwest Michigan. On the surface, their story likely resembles your own. 

Declining Health

Over the last year, Chantha’s overall health has significantly declined, such that her ability to function as the primary caregiver for the family has considerably diminished, even more so with her recent diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

Increasing Needs at Home

As Chantha’s health diminished, attention to her and the children’s needs increased. The things Chantha once did for herself, and the children are challenging for Chantha.

A Tough Transition 

With more effort and energy needed at home, Joe and Chantha made the difficult decision for Joe to step away from one of his jobs at ITB Packaging to provide the direct care Chantha and the children needed. As you might imagine, this transition is challenging for the entire family.

A Financial Shortfall 

Joe’s transition from breadwinner to caregiver has created a financial shortfall for the Bakers.

The Baker Family Board of Directors 

With Chantha’s declining health, Joe’s transition to caregiver, and the family’s loss of earnings, Joe and Chantha reached for help. Their ask for help set in motion the formation of The Baker Family Board of Directors (BFBOD). The BFBOD is a voluntary board of five friends and advisors who are seeking to provide the Bakers: 

  1. Practical Needs Coordination (Meals, Rides, and Care Assistance) 
  2. Financial Advice, Accountability, and Advocacy
  3. Emotional & Spiritual Support 

A Financial Strategy 

Since the Baker’s financial needs are real and pressing, the Bakers and the board have adopted this three-part strategy:

  1. Personal Choices & Sacrifices. The Bakers are making tough choices and sacrifices with their finances,  assets, and expenditures.
  2. Business Build-up. The Bakers have rebranded their small, seasonal family business, “Maybe Joe’s,” increased their marketing efforts, and are working to make Maybe Joe’s more profitable.
  3. Generous Investors – On behalf of the Bakers, the board is seeking generous investors to help the Bakers through their financial shortfall in four ways: 
  • Monthly Support (6, 12, 18, or 24-Months)
  • Onetime Cash Gifts
  • Onetime Debt Reduction Gifts
  • Asset Donations (Donate a used automobile, property, jewelry, etc., to the Bakers to be sold, and the proceeds will be used for financial support.)

Tax Exempt Donations & Transparency 

All monies or donations will be held in a checking account managed by the board. Donations processed through the Give Tax free website are tax deductible. Giving statements will be provided upon request. 

Board Members & Contact Information

Kirk Zylstra – Holland, MI – kirkzylstra51@gmail.com

Debra Zylstra – Holland, MI – debraascully@gmail.com

Suzanne Shosten– Holland, MI – suzannes@foundationchurchonline.org

Constance Cook Maynard – Fruitport, MI – ccook12345@outlook.com

David VanderMolen – Holand, MI – davidbvandermolen@me.com


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