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Suleyman is 2 years old child from Tajikistan, who was recently diagnosed with a rare disease SMA-2 and is in desperate need of life-saving treatment. SMA-2 is a devastating disease that affects the motor neurons in infants and young children, causing progressive muscle weakness and respiratory problems. This disease is extremely rare, affecting only a small number of children each year.

Zolgensma, is the only medication that can save his life and cure him forever if injected before Suleyman  weights 20kg (today his weight is 15kg). But the cost of it is $2.1M, which is unbearable for his family. Today Suleyman’s family, Public Organization Ruka Dobroti and caring people from all over the world were able to raise total of $750,000.00. If we were able to raise this much, I am sure we can raise the rest as well! I believe in God’s miracles! I believe in kind-hearted people! Together we can save not only Suleyman’s life but many other children who need us. I believe in each of you who is reading this!
With a big hope I am opening a CHALLENGE “Suleyman will live”. The challenge requirements:
1. If you have extra money to donate, great! You can just donate it. If you do not have extra money to donate, you  will choose what would you sacrifice for the sake of “Suleyman will live” (dinner, your vacation money, your new jewelries money, your pilgrimage (Hajj, Umrah) money… it’s up to you) and challenge 10 of your friends. Make a video post and tag 10 of your friends who will have to do the same. If you want to donate anonymously and share with your friends to do the same, that is also fine. You know the reward is with Him. Whenever you make a post, please do not forget to attach the link for this campaign! May God accept from all of us!
P.S.: Please remember that no one is secured from being one day in the position of Suleyman’s parents… Lets get together and save Suleyman’s life.

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