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This is not something we ever thought we would need to do but Ava needs a helmet. Unfortunately, she’s over the age limit on her insurance so they will not pay. We are looking at a total of $1100.00 for her helmet and just don’t have that kind of extra cash at the moment. So I’m asking as a friend, fellow mom, relative, or even just acquaintance for help to fund this. For those that don’t know Ava is our miracle baby! She has Trisomy 18 also known as Edwards Syndrome. She’s proved time after time that you can’t count her tiny but mighty self out. She’s overcome so many obstacles that have stood in her way and continues to grow and develop beyond expectations! Please consider helping us get her this piece of equipment that will definitely make her life just a little easier in the long run. We’re on a time crunch as the doctor we saw today said we need to have it ordered within the next two weeks in order for it to be beneficial to her. Know that our family send our deepest thanks to all who have supported and cheered Ava on over the past 19 months and will be forever thankful for any donation no matter how big or small!


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