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I am reaching out to see, if I can find support for my daughter, Leena.   She was diagnosed with Autism at 2 years old, with a mixed receptive expressive speech delay.  I want to be able to provide and continue, having her in therapy and being able to access things for her mind and as well as occupational therapy, and have the best life, I can give her.  She just turned four years old in May, and I have had a huge burden on my heart, thinking about where Leena’s going to continue education starting in kindergarten.  I want her to be able to be in a non-Columbus City Public School with all the IEPs and ABA therapy, and the things she will need to help communicate and learn.  So, I have started a fund for specifically for her education.  I have had Leena in ABA for the last two years, and I was told a couple weeks ago, starting in August our insurance will no longer cover her therapy.  I am not a big fan of Columbus Public Schools, and if I could find the right private school would be amazing.  She is going to need a tablet for pointing at objects to communcate with her teachers, and I spoken with other single mom’s and how they do this all by theirselves with only one steady income, and that said we asked for help from their family.  Well, I don’t have a lot of famlily and the few family members that I have do not have the financial means to help.  So, I was pointed into this direction.  So, i am just reaching out to others today to help support my daughter, Leena in giving her the


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