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Hey guys!!! I am doing great! I think you will be happy to know I am off ALL DR PERSCRIBED narcotics and alcohol! It was so hard and painful. If you call Pinnacle Recovery my verbal code is  7337.  It looks like I could use 60-90 days here to learn some balance in many aspects of my life but without help I cant do this, so I am reaching out. With my therapists guidance I was told to be matter of fact and brief, so here I go. I need $15,000 over the next 3 months in order to keep my home, etc. while in recovery. I NEED THIS. I make just under $6000.00/ month. If I lose my home, I will lose the children. If I lose the car I am liable to temporarily lose my kids and all  the credit I have built! Being brief is clearly not my strong suit. The following is what I need, if I cant reach my goal I will absolutely leave treatment so I don’t have risk of putting the children in a horrible spot. If we achieve $5000 I can stay 30 days, $10,000 60 days and $15000 90 days. Please choose, if anything, what you would like to help with.Iif you are uncomfortable just sending money, please call the bills directly. I have cashed out my savings and 401K. This journey will cost me $100,000 if I do it right. I am reaching out so I can, at the very least, stay 30 days. I arrived here on September 20th, my birthday. It’s a bittersweet way to start but the kids need me to learn balance,  freedom from addiction- just because a Dr. prescribes it doesn’t make it any less a drug. Love, Jenn- no one special, just a Mom that is tired and needs to re-focus. Working 80-100hrs a month may make  many people have a nervous breakdown. So here I am, humbly reaching out. Thank you!


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