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Good Day to everyone and thank you for taking the time to read this.  My name is Marie and my dear friend Angelica is in need of some support.  For the past 2 years she has been struggling trying to grab a hold of her unfortunate situation.  You see, after 20 years of marriage, her husband no longer wanted to deal with the fact that she was getting sick and that, eventually, she was going to need care that, to be honest, he did not want to provide. So, instead, he dropped her from his insurance and sent her packing while he moved on with his life and found someone else. Sad to say that “in sickness and in health” in their marriage vows did not work for him, so while he continues to live a successful government life that his wife Angelica helped him achieve and after raising their 4 adorable children he left her out in the cold and alone.  Now that her mental disabilities have taken a toll on her health due to her major depression, all of which stem from a most difficult life that she has been put through starting off with the years of molestations at the hands of family members and the domestic violence she witnessed at home as a child, being raped as a young adult, witnessing life-changing events while at your job as well as being assaulted in her place of work then to be manipulated and emotionally tormented on a daily basis by the man you married , you can not imagine what she has been through.  I have seen her for the past 2 years try her very best to hold on to the little bit that she has left to give only to see her be turned away by every government agency, non profit organization and even her neighbors.  Some of which in no other words have told her she probably needs to hit rock bottom before any help could be directed her way.  Well, I am here to say that she hit rock bottom, and still, the help has not come for her.  She lost her job in July and even though she continues to seek employment and even willing to work the bottom of the barrel jobs she gets turned away. Her college degree does not mean much to her anymore.  With her health on a sharp decline in just the past 6 months she has lost about 70% vision in her right eye and about 30% in her left due to her being diagnosed with Narrow angle acute glaucoma.  She has been told by doctors to not stress out and to relax because stress can raise the pressure in her eyes rapidly and in an instant can lose her vision completely. When I say Angelica has hit rock bottom I mean she has hit rock bottom.  She has not only lost her family home when her husband kicked her out but now too has lost her apartment in November due to her not being able to afford rent after losing her job. She filed an appeal but even that too could not keep her from becoming homeless.  Since her mental issues have kept her from being able to work a normal job like the rest of us she still had the hope of finding a job she could work from home but at last that is not even an option now.  Because she is alone as her husband has not allowed her to see her children she does not qualify for SNAP benefits or TANF assistance from the state.  I have tried to help her as much as I can giving her a place to stay but now I am running the risk of being evicted myself for having an unauthorized individual staying with me along with her support animal.  I wish I could do more but sadly I too live on a budget and just don’t have the means.  Now, she is hurting so much after taking a fall yesterday which left her right clavicle fractured. Please everyone who has taken the time to read this please I implore you to have a heart and show her some love this holiday season. Her spirit is broken and honestly just watching her daily my heart breaks for her to see her going through all of this all while trying to keep a smile on her face.  I have noticed that when she thinks I am not looking the pain in her eyes from missing her children alone her fear that she may not be able to see them again has taken a toll on her.


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