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I am single with 11 grand babies and three lovely girls this whole year I have went through chemo I did radiation come to find out none of that worked and it spreaded now it places that it was they want to do round two chemo not knowing if it’s gonna work or not. In the meantime me going through all that I was ruptured and got stoma in my stomach it’s not doing so good it’s been there for a year. They were supposed to take it out and reverse it. It’s not reversible now because of the cancer didn’t work the first time it’s very scary but I gotta go through it again I can’t eat I can only drink insures every now and then, but I can’t even afford them. I can’t find no resources nowhere to help out. I get a check it pays my rent, my lights and stuff. Other than that I have no extra my car is broken down, so I don’t even know how I’m gonna get to the treatments this go around my tires are flat. Everything in the world is going wrong. I’m losing everything I’ve already done lost everything sold everything I had do do the first round. I have nothing else to sell or nothing else to do in order to go through round two if I can’t get no help I’m I can only just sit in my chair. I’ve been sitting in the chair for six days now not really moving needing help can’t even afford to pay for help, so any help greatly be appreciated thank you and have a wonderful and blessed day 


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