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My name is Macleita Fobbs. I’m 53 years old and on March 7, 2021, I began having chest pains where my primary care physician performed blood work showing a low platelet level of 96,000. During that time, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Acute Lymphoblastic/Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  I immediately was transferred to the Tom Benson Cancer Center Bone Marrow Unit in New Orleans, Louisiana. As I began having 16 of 8 cycles of Hyper-CVAD chemotherapy two days later, five days a week every twenty -one days. My life changed overnight from being a mother, grandmother, criminal paralegal, bail bondsman, and full-time student working on my bachelor’s degree. Although the road has been hard emotionally and financially, for me and my family, I managed to seek God allowing my faith to pull me through these trying times. Because of my faith in God and strength, I managed to focus on the positive and continue my classwork regardless of how I felt. Therefore, I managed to graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice on the same day I received my last chemo treatment, without the bone marrow transplant I would need. Since this has happened; I have been in full remission only having to take one chemo maintenance pill for the next five years. Due to the strength of the chemotherapy, I am now dealing with side effects from it. As it has not deterred me from beginning to feel like I am back to my old self knowing that I can do all things through faith if I only believe. Since moving forward, having to rely solely on retirement disability. As the out-of-pocket costs of expenses Medicare will not cover has been covered by my family. I am asking for your financial support and prayers so that I can pay for the medical expenses associated with my leukemia. May God Bless you and yours for helping me during this time of need. Macleita


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