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I have created this campaign to help with the current and upcoming expenses for my 11-year-old niece Aliyah. She is severely asthmatic and frequently travels to Miami Children’s Hospital for pulmonologist visits. This past Monday, March 6, on the drive back home from her doctor’s visit she began having a lot of trouble breathing. An inhaler was used to help until she was home and able to use a nebulizer which in normal cases would help open her airway and lungs for a better flow of oxygen. After that treatment, there was no change in the oxygen flow except that it got worse. For a normal person, the oxygen rate should be in the high 90s, but for Aliyah at this critical moment it dropped to 81%  which could be very fatal, especially for a young child. My sister (her mother) rushed to the Emergency room and because of the severity, they admitted her ASAP. Since then she has been multiple treatments daily, hooked up to an iv so that they can give her steroids and magnesium with several other medications. They have done several tests and x-rays but no results as to the cause of this. Her doctor stated that the oxygen is barely making it through so they needed to continue rigorous treatments and high doses of medication. Currently she is on 2-3 liters of oxygen and the doctors have been slowly lowering in hopes of Aliyah being able to breathe on her own without needing assistance. We are being hopeful and praying that in the upcoming days she will get stronger and be released to come home. As we all know hospital visits are very expensive, so anything that can be given is very appreciated as everything is going to help with her hospitalization and treatments.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to read this and for giving support.

Best Regard’s,

Michael & Gomez family


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