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Hi, my name is Albert Santos.  I am 65 years old.  I was diagnosed with IDC Acute Chronic Kidney Failure back in March 2015 toward this end I started hemodialysis and got wait listed for a Kidney Transplant thereafter at Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center in Westwood California.

My life goals took a different path overnight went from business entrepreneurship to 100% learning all I could about living with kidney failure and making Lifestyle changes in a matter of weeks.

My journey, and treatment has led to a successful Kidney Transplant on March 3, 2022.  If the journey of thousand miles begins with the first step, then my journey started seven years ago.  Now a new protocol begins which is quite expensive, a life of Renal Clinic Visits and Lab test, Kidney Transplant Core Biopsy and Ultrasound, Stent Removal and Cystoscopy plus possible complications: (Delay Graft Function, Rejection, Infection Other Possible Complications: Ureteral Leak, High Blood Pressure Diabetes Plus Possible Long-Term Complications: Cardiovascular Disease Bone Disease and Skin Cancer).

The life of a new kidney depends on the medication you take in order to help prevent rejection, without these the kidney will become damaged by the immune system and the kidney will fail.

Unfortunately, my insurance does not cover the expenses of travel, lodging and parking and Rx Medication Co-Pays the treatment plan offered for me by Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center (Renal Transplant Team), Financial Assistance will allow me to successfully manage my treatment plan, post-transplant.

I am currently living paycheck to paycheck from Social Security Disability (SSD).  I received Kidney a Transplant on March 3, 2022, at Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center. My current needs are [Gasoline coverage for driving 84 miles twice per week for post-Transplant visits, Parking of $14 per visit, Monthly Rx co-payments of $125 per month, and monthly Medicare Premium Payment of $170 per month (deducted directly for Social Security Disability Amount) and Anthem secondary Insurance of $146 per month.]

As a Post Kidney Transplant recipient (March 3, 2022), I Will start collecting SSDI, which is my only source of income, which is not much.

The generosity of other would mean the world to me, to be able to have an opportunity to live a moderately normal life. The following is a breakdown of expenses:

  1. Annual Mileage (672 miles/month) x 12 = 8,064 annual miles outpatient clinic treatment:  8,064 x .16 per mile = $1,290.24
  2. Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center Parking (8 trips @14.00 /month 12) = $1,344.00
  3. Rx Anti-Rejection Medication Co-Pay ($125/mouth) x 12= $1,500.00
  4. Medicare Premium Payment of $170 per month x12 = $2,040.00
  5. Anthem secondary Insurance of $146 per month x 12= $1,752.00
  6. ATT – Wireless Cell Phone $70/month x12 = $840.00

Total Expenses needed:  $8,766.24 (annually)


Albert Santos


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