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Small Cell Carcinoma/ Cancer; Urgent Help Needed:  I am suffering from many medical ailments, one being aggressively fatal without continuous chemotherapy and radiation along with palliative care, which is stage III small cell carcinoma in the middle of my chest that last I knew was the size of a softball.  This illness has been financially devastating.  I am mostly in need of financial help for safe/ secure housing, food, utilities, car maintenance, vehicle gasoline to get to my medical appointments, medical/ dental/ vision/ & prescription premiums, coinsurance, & copays, caregiving help, clothing because I have and continue to lose an enormous amount of weight and thus I can barely fit any of my clothes anymore. I need organic foods as well as nutritional ensuring foods/ drinks that are very expensive and all due to the small cell cancer and another neurological disease that I have suffered since childhood.

With the current outrageous inflation of everything, the time that it takes to get any government assistance, my life insurance thru MetLife refusing to pay living benefits as long as I am seeking treatments, the physical and financial costs of my other long – suffered disabilities as well as making it far more difficult and even impossible to meet gov assistance application deadlines as well as forcibly being mostly bedridden & homebound, I am in immediate need help from anyone who is capable of helping me. Any help will be huge, deeply appreciated, and certainly never forgotten. It definitely counts as Holy Tithing as well for those unaware.  I am fighting this battle alone financially, disabled, and it has been awfully distressing.  The medical bills alone are extremely distressing.  If I am unable to get help soon, I will have to discontinue treatments in which I understand that will result in my survival for only a few months.  I thank you so dearly in advance for any help that you may be able to provide me in this huge challenge in my life.  I don’t know what else to say except that I’m praying for help to arrive as soon as possible and no scams or crimes against me for reaching out for help.


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