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It is with great excitement that I tell you that I have been given the opportunity to go with eight others with Team Kenya 2019 from Nashville First Church of the Nazarene departing June 2 for a mission trip experience! NFCN has had a partnering relationship with ministries in Kenya for five years now. 

Here are the important ventures that we are heading into prayerfully.

1) We will provide ministry through Adonai Arts: God’s Princess (it is blend of ballet, creativity, and sharing God’s Truth about being God’s princess) at New Scent Centre, a Christ-based residential program for 40 young ladies rescued from sexual abuse and human trafficking in Kenya.

2) We will lead and staff a Pastors and Leaders Conference on the campus of Africa Nazarene University covering themes on Transformational Holiness and Transformational Worship.

3) We will spend some time in the rough parts of Nairobi where we will do the best we can to show people the love of Jesus while serving them in various ways.

The mission field runs deep in my blood from both the Fox and Apple sides of my family. I feel that God brought me this opportunity, which will be an experience of a lifetime while getting to be in the center of what He is doing in Africa. I know it will impact me profoundly.

My cost is approximately $3,800. I covet your prayers as we prepare for and then take this journey. The funds raised will be used for travel expenses, room and board accommodations, and all other expenses during my stay. If you desire to contribute, any gift sent on my behalf is fully tax-deductible and greatly appreciated. With being added to this team at the last minute, my fundraising efforts have days instead of months to gather this significance amount of money. Thank you!!


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