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My name is Robin. I am 46 years old and my mom and I are fear of losing our house because I am housebound due to excruciating migraines and have no money to help. We are alone and have no family nearby who will take us in or help in any way. I am on ssi disability for PTSD, severe migraines, anxiety and a heart condition. Right now my mom and I are doing all we can to save the roof over our heads and pay past due bills, but after my dad died last year he left us destitute and we cannot even afford food for us. Water, electricity, and everything else is being turned off due to past dues. We are selling as much as we can of our things but most antique stores and pawn shops do not want our things. We are desperate! My mom is in her 70s and has a heart condition and other health problems. I also need gas money to take her back and forth to the hospital for imaging and tests. My mom has many health issues such as COPD, high blood pressure, anxiety, severe stomach pains that have to be diagnosed, and now depression. It is so hard for us to ask for help, and I would not be on here if I was not absolutely desperate for us both! We are alone and when my dad died he left us with nothing but overdue bills and incredible debt. This we did not know until after his passing and we were devastated that he did not have the pension to go to my mother like he said he did. It stopped upon his death, but lied about it to my mother. I am scared for her and myself as well. We have never been in this type of situation before and have never experienced the horrible fear of being left on the streets. For so many reasons, this is the last thing I ever want for us. Our health is deteriorating due to the stress of everyday struggling just to barely survive, which we cannot do much longer.

Our lives are a nightmare. Please find it within your heart to help this destitute mother/daughter duo. I will pray for every donor and put every cent into food, overdue bills, and trying to keep the house. Please help us we are desperate. I am keeping my faith in God throughout all of this and for His people to help us in our time of absolute need. God bless you for reading this, and please donate if you can. I have not lost my faith in humanity.

With great love,



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