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Hello. My name is Mike Manning. I am 62 years old. I had been working as a digital printer, for the last 15 years, but was forced to quit, when I was hurt. During the course of my job, I ended up with THREE hernias. I tried to get my employer (Dupli-Systems Inc) in Strongsville Ohio, to ease my duties, but I’m afraid they thought I was faking, so they refused. I was forced to quit, to prevent further damage to myself. Ohio, being one of the MANY states where you cannot quit due to medical reasons, means that I cannot collect Unemployment Insurance (which I fully deserve), which leaves me unable to work, and unable to provide for myself, during my recuperation time. My bills, (utilities), and rent, are due, and I have been out of work for over a month. I have tried to apply for workmans comp, welfare, and any other public assistance, but have had doors slammed in my face at every turn. I guess If I were an asylum seeking immigrant, I would have all my expenses paid, but since I am, (or was), a tax-paying American Veteran, I can’t get any help from my government or any of the many local organizations. Times are very tough, I understand, but I am willing to work. I am just medically UNABLE to work. I just don’t have any more options. I am not the type of person to ask for handouts, or accept any sort of charity. I have paid my way my entire life. Things are getting pretty desperate here, and pretty soon, instead of being just injured, my situation will turn worse, by leaving me homeless, and without resources to get back on my feet.  Please donate to help me pay my rent and utilities.


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